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Born 11-21-1989.
To a young mother and father who was serving a 11 year sentence . Charles was taken away from his birth mom by the state of Mich. then put in foster care at the age of 6weeks. He was in and out of foster care as a young youth. and at the age of 5,he was adopted by a family in Parma Mich and name changed to Timothy Charles Sorensen.. Even as a kid he struggled to understand what went wrong and why he even was still alive. And felt like he wasent meant to be in this world. At the age Of 10 he try ed to commit suicide 4 different times. Then just turned to drugs at the age of 11. Always having a love for music he started to beat box at school and writing songs all the time.. Soon after started to freestyle rap over 2pac beats and record it. After releasing his first mix tape Adopted kid Vol 1 under a underground record label he worked with in Parma called BRL Records in late 2002.
A year later he hooked up with his older cuzin Dan wheeler AKA (JTL) and a rapper named Critta. Putting out mix tapes for the next year the fan base kept getting bigger for C-Mit and JTL.
the two slowly departed from Critta . From 2003 to 2005 C-Mit kept putting out lots of mix tapes.In 2006 C-Mit Left BRL Records to start His own label JackCity Records. Putting JTL and Fellow Rapper C-Nixs On with him! then in 2009 started working on songs with well known Rappers from Jackson Mich named Face,PTZ,, Demus & Kieb. (Jack-up Praduca/Face_Down Ent.KIEB Ent.) But in late 2010 C-Mit had a fall out with Kieb and left. And Dj Force,Founder of D$C Ent. asked C-Mit to Join! together thay Started D$C/Jackcity Records,,Shorty Mac,Trax,Kaymarie,YungDoughboy,Inferno,JTL!
A year in to the development of the group Conflicts between Shorty Mac And Yung Doughboy made them drop Yung Doughboy from the label to Form his FlightStars Ent in late 2011. Now its the end of 2012 and C-Mit and the crew have been Dealing with alot. The artist have split apart but still record songs. Alot of the mix tapes have not been put out to the public due to C-Mit being in and out of incarceration. The new TRU Music Vol.1 Album is on a hold date and the D$C Mix tape Vol.1 is on a set date for Jan 21st 2013. And C-Mits Jacksons most wanted Album Set to drop Jan.15th on itunes.com //// 2013 has been a slow start but is moving ok. C-Mit has been out of the Jackson county jail for almost 3 weeks now!! There is a album in the making and 2 mix tapes coming out from the D$C team this year!! Fellow rapper Brav3hart is now serving a 18 month sentence but has since recorded 2 songs for the new upcoming mix tape! (TRU MUSIC themix Tape) As of july 23rd 2013 C-Mit and Fellow rappers Evelution,Kaymarie,Suga Bailey, and JTL have all parted ways with D$C and Continue to Record under Jackcity Records.2014 C-Mit and 3velution started KrewThick Ent. Moving on up to a higher level!!Jackson's Most wanted Vol.2 is set to drop march 15th 2014! April 21st 2014 C-Mit was Put in jail for 305 days in lenawee county.He toke a plea on charges that were false. Attempted Criminal sexual Conduct a 5 year max.He toke the plea deal in fear of him loosing in trial and being sent away for 15years. As of March 23rd 2015 he was released and put on 5 year felony probation.He is currently working on his new Album (517 the LP) set to be released july 15th! While he was in jail he released his well known album series 4Ever Me vol.2 Sep.3rd 2014. for more info on C-Mit go to https://www.facebook.com/CMit517 He states that he still works with Face aka da Truth, Suga Bailey ,JTL and 3velution! by 2016 he plans to put out music with fellow Jackcity Boy (J-One) who is serving time in prison this year! He also tells us that he has another mix tape in the making and plans to put out Vol.3 of the Jackson's Most Wanted series by winter 2015.

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Kaymarie,JTL,3velution,Suga Bailey,Jackcity Boyz,Face,T-Rip,Expo
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Hip Hop / Midwest Rap / FreeStyle Rap

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Jackson, MI

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