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In the midst of Nashville’s Music Row, it’s live Music Venues, or even in a quiet room with some of Nashville’s finest writers, that’s where you will find the unbelievable talent of Briana Tyson. Briana has come to the Nashville scene bringing her own brand of talent. Briana really does it all, and does it well. She has an amazingly beautiful voice, which resembles that of none other. She is also able to hold her own as she plays her guitar. She has unbelievable song writing skills with a large catalogue of truly great songs. To go along with all of this talent, Briana also has the skill and the ear to produce her own music.

Briana's strong, and beautiful voice, along with the songs she has written have brought her some well deserved, attention. Briana stays true to herself and works hard. She earns the love of her fans sharing the gifts that God gave her, and those gifts are what she longs to give back to music lovers all over the world. Briana’s voice is so pure, you hear live what you hear recorded. Her songs attest to her heart as she writes from the very depths of her soul. Her songs are true and heart felt, whether she writes a ballad, love song or a happy, make your day, kind of song. Her life stories are in her lyrics.

Although young and new on the scene, Briana is an old soul and has written her songs in such a way that you find yourself lost in the moment, in another world, maybe you might find yourself going back through old memories or even creating new ones as you hear her music unfold.

Needless to say, Briana Tyson brings something new to Country Music, but she also brings with her, some of the old values and truth of what Country Music is really all about. The honesty of her voice and the heart in her songs are so true…. Something that Country Music has always admired and will continue to reach for, making Country Music, it’s singers and it’s songwriters, some of the best in the world.

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