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Spending most of their time around the music scene, siblings Dusty, Colby, Corey and Jessie Samford had music in their blood. At the age of 10, Dusty, who is the oldest of the siblings, began playing drums with his father at their home in Coldsprings, Texas. As years passed, his talents on the kit grew so much that he was invited to set in with his dad's band at various venues. In 1999, the family relocated to North Zulch, TX where their love for music would soon be discovered. With his brother on drums and his father on electric guitar, Colby took an interest in the bass guitar. The three began practicing every chance available, but performed only in the privacy of their home for family and friends. Jessie, the youngest of the siblings, has been singing since she was old enough to talk. At the age of 10 she picked up the microphone and joined her father and two brothers as they created a band they called Coolwater Country. Corey, the youngest of the brothers, having never shown interest in the band, picked up a pair of sticks during practice and surprised the family with his hidden talent on drums. The group spent many months practicing several different genres of music before performing at public events. The band pushed forward playing their share of the dives and hole in the wall clubs. With two drummers and only one drum set, Dusty soon found his self switching between percussion and lead vocals for the band. Not long after he discovered his love for singing and writing, he strapped on a guitar and became the face of Coolwater Country.

In 2006, Colby took a change of direction, deciding he wanted to play the electric guitar. At this time, family friend Jody Bartula was asked to step in on bass. Colby and his father switched between lead and rhythm until his father's carpal tunnel prevented him from playing anymore. Colby was then moved to full time lead guitar and Dusty to acoustic rhythm. It was around this time the group decided to change their name to FM2865. Since the formation in 2006, the members and the band as a whole showed tremendous growth in their instrumental, vocal, and overall abilities. Over the course of the next two years the band worked hard writing, composing original material, and creating a unique sound. They began pushing their music and talents far beyond what they ever thought possible.

In 2008, when their debut album “Dream Big” was released, their fans finally got what they had been waiting on for 7 years. With the help of RT Studios, the band put out a record that was true to their country roots with all original music and lyrics. During this time, in an attempt to bring a more full sound to the group, Jody began playing fiddle and long-time family friend Seth Wilson was brought in to play bass. The six members dedicated many years to each other and the band, working tirelessly to create a sound that can be enjoyed by everyone. Great music from a very likable group of young talent created a following that started in their small town and has continued to grow exponentially throughout the years. Each individual member of the band influenced their songs with a personal style and sense of creativity.

In 2009, Jody Bartula decided to pursue an opportunity with another group, leaving FM2865 as a five piece band still eager to push forward. For the next three years the band continued playing venues all across Texas, building a strong fan base and making a name for themselves. 2011 proved to be a big year when they called upon their producer, Ken Tondre, to begin working on their sophomore album. With a new album came many changes including renaming the band to what is now known as Parker Heights. The release of their second album and the first single, "With You Tonight", has lead to radio play on several stations across Texas and other states. Parker Heights is taking on new towns, new venues, new fans, and is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with across the Texas Music scene.

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Dusty Samford, Jesse Samford, Colby Samford, Corey Samford, Lyndsey Torrez - Electric Guitar
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Parker Heights Music
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North Zulch, TX
Joyce Samford

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