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The Little Brothers play American Foundational from a time when GIANT BLUESMEN roamed the earth. That's right: GIANT. BLUESMEN. Kim Basile specializes in classic blues fiddle, and some unusual traditional styles that are unique in the music revival. Frankie Basile is a master of country blues stylings on the 6 and 12 string guitar. Mike Hoffmann completes the trio with an array of stolen mandolins and stolen tunes.

Kim picked up her first instrument, the fiddle, around 2001 and after about three years of playing old-time music more or less exclusively, she decided to take a crack at blues fiddling - an interest happily shared by Frankie. Frankie has been playing guitar with varying results since high school and banjo since about 1999. Along about 2006, they ran into Mike Hoffmann and his mandolins. He’d been weaned on the old-time music scene in Western Massachusetts and his voice fell in naturally between Kim’s fiddle and Frankie’s guitar. They’ve been listening to blues for a long time, and having a lot of fun interpreting both country blues and old-time music.

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Kim Basile, Frankie Basile, Mike Hoffmann
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The Little Brothers
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Blues / Country Blues / Old-Time

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New Jersey, NJ