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A Christian Rock Band from Darlington, SC featuring Dean Lambert-vocals, Jason Peterson-guitar, Brian Rhodes-guitar, Scott Fryer-drums, and Wade Fryer-Bass.

Broken Yesterday
ROMANS 5:19 For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall all be made righteous.
Adam the first man made us all unrighteous. We were Broken in our sin, but the second man Jesus Christ drove a stake in life's time line (The Cross) So that all men would be righteous and made whole! We were Broken Yesterday (2000 years ago), but because of Christ we are righteous, and Made whole today!

The initial focal point of most bands is the singer and Dean Lambert provides one of the most dynamic and commanding voices in the Southeast. One of the first things that grabs your attention about Broken Yesterday’s sound is the vocals. Dean blends both a bluesy feel and power-house range to drive the melodies that are a trademark of the Broken Yesterday sound. As Dean continued to develop his craft, he eventually crossed paths with Scott, Wade and Brian who were all playing in 491 at the time. It was inevitable that the four would eventually work together. Chemistry was evident from the first day as all four became fast friends. Years later when the Broken Yesterday project began to form, only one vocalist seemed the logical choice….Dean Lambert. And as Dean himself said upon hearing the early Broken Yesterday demos, “I’ve got to sing these songs”. And sing them he does….like no one else possibly can.

Read more about Broken Yesterday Band at http://www.brokenyesterday.com

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Dean Lambert-Vocals,Brian Rhodes-Guitar,Jason Peterson-Guitar,Wade Fryer-Bass Guitar,Scott Fryer-Drums
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Broken Yesterday
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Rock / Christian Rock

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Darlington, SC
Scott Fryer