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Controversial, resilient, unique, passionate, these are all adjectives that could accurately describe the band known as The Fifth Fire. For nearly 7 years, they have defied the odds and left a trail of sensationalism and obfuscation in the process. Some might describe them as polarizing, but their commitment to their self inscribed body of principles and objectives has never veered from it original course.

They began in a small Kansas town and their journey has taken them to the dream factory known as LA. In June, 2011, they released their debut EP, Generation I. Shows throughout the Midwest, and Texas followed, and in Feb of 2012, they released a demo of three more tracks. A forced and ill timed hiatus would follow this period, in which the band relocated to Los Angeles.

In 2013 they were signed to LMC Records out of the UK. A short lived relationship, but a significant piece of their history, nonetheless. They opted to leave the label in October, 2014. In June, 2015, they recorded their first full length LP, Melolagnia. From June 2014 to present time, the band has played some of the biggest markets in the US, including Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Phoenix, just to name a few. In July, 2016, they won a Midwest based Battle Of The Bands, and won studio time, which resulted in the release of the single, "A New Day". The Fifth Fire is still based out of Los Angeles, but has resided in Wichita, KS for the last year. As 2017, commences, they prepare for more Touring and writing in the coming year.

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Mark Ryan - Vocals
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The Fifth Fire
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Alternative / Punk / Indie

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Los Angeles, CA

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