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The band Lustre Creame came into existence in the winter of 2007. Three individuals sharing like-visions of moving over and beyond the rock and roll status-quo: that of Aaron Trozzo, Willis Orriss, and Christopher Lipinski. It was this instantaneous mesh of ideas, creative drive, and individual blue-collar jadedness that had Lustre Creame immediately punching out new and exciting original material. As time ran on, it became obvious that the band had something of a special rock & roll relationship; individualistic in nature and breaching pure-rock-fury.

Lustre Creame have been described as “...the most entertaining live act in Lethbridge, not to mention the most technically proficient” but seeing is believing. Every song has been crafted from the ground up, largely abandoning the standard popular approaches to verse/chorus/verse writing methods, but maintaining values of melody, structure, and dynamic. Think of their musical styling as a delicious layer cake incorporating elements of progressive rock, funk, grunge, blues, world rhythms, and a thin stratum of weird pop. It it this flexibility within their music that makes them able to adapt and earn fans in any type of live performance setting.

Lustre Creame have released two EP's (independently written, recorded, mixed, mastered, packaged) and one full-length album.
It's been said that the future holds good things for those who are willing to work hard for them; if this bears any truth, Lustre Creame should have a very interesting future ahead of them.

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Aaron T - Eel,Willis - Trout, Lips - Crustacean
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Lustre Creame
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Lethbridge, AB, CA
Who needs a manager when you've got the guiding light of god.