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Billy Dee Phillips aka Steelbillyosis born May 16th in Las Vegas, NV to a single mother by the name of Ruby Lee Williams. Billy is single father to an 10 year old daughter by the name of Savannah Phillips. Steel is a real MC known for his passion in music. As a child his musical influences were Whoodini, Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Kool Moe Dee, Ghetto Boys and Nas. Steels first time rapping was the age of 10 when he and some of his neighbors used to have freestyle sessions together. At the age of 13 Steel hooked up with his cousins John Brown A-K-A Young Hat, and Leonard Smith Jr. A-K-A Peedie Crack to form their own record label called M.V.P (Making Visions Possible). By the time Steel had turned 14 he started to gain recognition as one of Vegas’ best freestyle battle rappers by gaining respect through the Las Vegas strip and throughout high school. At the age of 18 he went on to work on his first solo album called “Billyosis” through the M.V.P label. Even though he was still a member of M.V.P, in 2006 he decided to start his own label called Masterpiece Music. He also went on to joint venture with Levi Bunnell A-K-A Leaveeye Las Vegas and joined his label called PuzzlePiece records. In 2007 together they formed the group called “Loyalty” from then on they would release two mixtapes called “Great Minds Think Alike Vol. 1” and “Great Minds Think Alike Vol. 2”. Steel went on to record his second album called “Dirty Game” which was released in April 2009 through ITunes. He has also dropped numerous amounts of mixtapes since then collaborating with MC’s all around the world. As of today he is now known for his delivery and his vicious word play and is ready to make his own impact on the world. “I feel like I’m the best MC in the world if not I am at least in the top ten.” He likes to be recognized as a MC and not a rapper, “A MC is someone who has something to say no matter what the topic is he can write about it. Tupac, Biggie, Eminem Jay-Z, Nas and Scarface are all real MC’S. I hope to one day follow their footsteps and become one of the greatest MC’s the world has ever seen, and it starts today.”

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