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#HandH brought Phaust and Phingaz together for little more than a week to record the foundation for what would become their most cohesive, entertaining experiment in raw, dirty blues rock meets gritty indie rap.
Phaust & Phingaz formed as Sinthesis in 2005. Tired of hearing the same ole regurgitated, oversampled sound in hip hop; the two decided to put their vast knowledge of live instrumentation to work. With the latest full length album "Horseshoes & Handgrenades (release date: 9/14/12)," the fourth in the duo's repertoire, Sinthesis truly shines in a whole new raw format kind of way.
Most listeners find it surprising when they find out that Phaust and Phingaz live in 2 separate cities over 1,300 miles away from each other. The two grew up in Salt Lake City together from a young age, learning to play similar music in separate bands until Sinthesis was inevitably fused. Thirsty for a new environment rich in independent music, production specialist Phingaz knew it was a no-brainer to make the move to Minneapolis in 2006. Continuing to write, record and share files back and forth was as simple as living in the same neighborhood, all thanks to this new thing called the internet.
No matter the gap whether distance or time, Sinthesis unceasingly establishes dominance.

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