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In the shadows of Houston TX, musical ideas and theories converge amongst a group of musicians to be later known as Avid Fixation.
Formed in the early portion of 2010 by lead vocalist/ guitarist Greg Afek, an idea was setforth to bring a unique blend of music creativity to the scene. Plunging from his hard rock/blues feel, Afek set his ideas on the table. Soon after...four individuals would forge as one unit, hell bent on changing the face of the music scene. Daniel Goldman would step in the band carrying on the task of lead guitar. Goldman brings his influences in the band, using bendy southern metal roots with a touch of blues to work his emotions into the strings as they bleed out rythms and fast precise leads. Not too long after, Jonathan Long would join the band. Long's traditional music knowledge and equipment information are fuel for the fire that would make him the ideal bass player. Long brings bass runs and leads that form the back bone of each track. Later James McComb would join and complete the band, bringing his aggresive and accurate style to The Fix. McComb's feel for the music shine through by way of his lightning strike fills and massive drum attack. His strive to push the band to new heights ignite the driving force the group fabricated in its infancy. Together the band brings a unique form of musical influences all pieced together to bring the bands personality in full throttle. The band could be classifed into many genres. Anything from a hard rock/alternative to a progressive metal. Afek uses the clean and scream vocal technique to empasize lyrics with emotion and dynamics, all the while combining guitar melodies with Goldman. Long follows up with backup screams. McComb will hold the timing and foundation of the band with gut pounding bass kicks. The lyrics in the songs are often rendered as emotions, harshness of reality and subconscious ideas. When all the elements intertwine...Avid Fixation is born.

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Greg Afek, Daniel Goldman,Jonathan Long, James McComb
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Avid Fixation
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Rock / Alternative / Progressive Metal

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Houston, TX