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Austin Hip Hop Awards Best Female Artist 2013, RAPPER, lyricist, writer, artist, and beautiful creature of habit.

"Anastasia Smith, "Anya," discovered her passion for speaking as a young girl in Austin, TX, where her father taught her to deliver MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech with a rhythm and clarity designed to get an audience on its feet. Learning the confidence required to deliver such a powerful message can take a lifetime. Anya found it as soon as she stood before a microphone.

Because she was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment of free thinking and creativity, Anya was able develop her adeptness with words and concepts over the years by constantly reading, writing and hearing new material. Lunchtime ciphers in high school became an opportunity to debut a latest rhyme, study the boys’ delivery, or just write something clever.

After a long hiatus from the game, a real world sabbatical from which she draws a large part of her more serious material, Anya returned to rap on a whim and recorded her first full song in 2010. Studying the details of studio set-up, sonics and microphone dynamics has laid the foundation for Anya's official sound, which is also reflected in her lyrics and cadences: clean, direct, and artful.

Having followed up her ambitious debut mixtape "Pretty Color Bad News" (November 2011) with extremely well-received album "The Unkind Summer" (August 2012), Anya has worked hard to establish herself with fans and followers as a true force and a new direction for Hip Hop. In May 2013, Anya was recognized as "Best Female Artist" at the Austin Hip Hop Awards.

Raised on groundbreaking acts like A Tribe Called Quest and Jay Z, Anya simply believes that the art of creativity should never take a back seat to any other element. The principles of beauty, truth, freedom, and love are recurring themes. She enjoys the mystery of metaphor. Her purpose is her voice. Her voice is her music. Her music is for the world. Naturally."

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