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The collection of energy, transformed into tones by creations made from man, projected into the human consciousness.
The desired result creates a spark of emotion that flows from the ears; hearing devices sculpted for the very purpose of interpreting sound.
Down into the soul this thing, "music", instils a feeling of passion.
Passion for the Universe, for space, time, nature, being, existence.
This passion will fill your body, caress the fabric of your soul.
And you are satisfied with the sound
All humanity is satisfied with this sound
All the Universe, satisfied by the music
Of Aeolia.

Speech is only soundwaves interpreted as meaning. Applying this same principal, you could say that any sound is speech, if interpreted correctly. I challenge you, all of you. If you can Interpret the sounds I create correctly. For I tell a grand story, not only in words, but in sound. for that is my true objective; for the sounds I create to reach the universal elite, and be interpreted correctly as it is intended - Parker Bracken

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Vocals - Josh Mirsky Guitar - Parker Bracken Guitar - Nick Malan Bass - Andre Ferraro Drums - Randy Methe
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Metal / Progressive Metal

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Allen, TX

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