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Sometimes, the best and most memorable ventures can sprout from childhood and adolescence. Whether it’s an idea, a plan or a dream, youth makes things seem less like risks and more like missions. That’s exactly what Reverse the Curse is: A group of friends that have grown up together and continue to experience life together. They are on a mission to turn their joy, anger, frustrations and dreams into intimately special music and art, with a final product that is simultaneously profoundly unique and based off of feelings relatable to all. The music and lyrics showcased through Reverse the Curse's existence reveals influences and retrospects from all aspects of life, clouded with a mystery leaving listeners yearning for more.
Reverse the Curse was born in the small Ohio town of Hiram and is now entrenched in the thriving and inspiring Columbus scene. The magnetic group first consisted of Ed Starcher (vocals / guitar), Connor Johnson (bass / vocals) and Joey Regets (drums), and the three-piece recorded their Paths EP (2009) while cutting their teeth in Cleveland and Columbus. This quickly led to regional touring and meeting producers Andy Cook and Eric Cronstein, an inspiring duo who had been working with other bands in the area. Ed, Joey and Connor immediately saw a chance to expand their project and build on an already beautiful base with Eric and Andy.
With new material already underway, Reverse the Curse (plus Andy and Eric) rented out a warehouse in Georgia. There they recorded their first full-length album, Hither and Yon (2012), which was released to critical praise from Alternative Press, Punknews, Sputnik Music and more. Reverse the Curse continued to grow and set out on tours nationally and regionally, constantly expanding their fan base. Forward-thinking label Paper + Plastick Records saw Reverse the Curse’s hard work, professionalism and determination. The label sparked interest in their raw but honed sound and agreed to help contribute to their endeavors. The group, utilizing this new opportunity, officially asked Andy Cook (guitars / keys / vocals) to join the band and booked a month in Eric Cronstein’s studio in Columbus to record their anticipated sophomore record, Existent. The album is slated for an August 20 release via Paper + Plastick.
Alternative Press described Reverse the Curse as “dynamic and sprawling” and the band has been compared to acts ranging from Colour Revolt and Brand New to And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead and Tom Waits. Their music is decorated with grit, enthralling riffs, imaginative auras, swelling orchestrations and guttural emotion…producing an end result that leaves spectators in awe and craving more.

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Ed Starcher, Joey Regets, Connor Johnson, Andy Cook
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Reverse the Curse
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Columbus, OH
Garyn Jones

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