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Never has a multicultural mix consisting of a Flying Dutchman, a Ginger Northerner and a toned Venezuelan Adonis been this sonically satisfying before.

This three-piece that is Voodoo Stripe makes music for the mind, body, soul and girls. What a traditional 30-day matured Argentinian steak from La Cabaña is to your taste buds, what Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is to your retina, what Tibetan Cashmere from pashmina goats is to your skin, what the fresh spring smell from a Hyacinth ‘Carnegie’ is to your nose; that’s what Voodoo Stripe’s music is to your ears. What I’m trying to say is that Voodoo Stripe’s music is an eclectic mix of tonal flavours, colours and influences from around the globe and Yorkshire.

These handsome voodoo dolls really come alive at their live shows. As if possessed by shamans and contorted by pagan spirits, they will rock your socks off. Don’t worry if you don’t wear socks; you’ll still enjoy the ride.

On ‘la batería’ Fernando Tovar exercises his Latin groove like no other muchacho. He has also played a part as Jack Black’s stunt double in the film ‘Nacho Libre.’ Some say his great grandfather invented the maracas.

Jordan Fairie’s dreams to become a world famous florist were shattered when he realized that no exotic flowers grow in North England. He now plays guitar in a a threesome, whilst wearing his hippie T-shirt that make him look like Mick Foley’s ‘Dude Love.’ Jordan has just come out of rehab, after several months of battling a heavy carrot addiction.

Philip van den Brandeler plays bass and is from ‘Nederland.’ Some of his favourite cheeses include, but are not limited to: Old Amsterdam, Gouda and Maaslander. He is heir to the Dutch throne. Furthermore, he is the proud owner of a rare painting of Kate Winslet’s side boob in the film ‘Titanic.’

In all seriousness, they love playing music and I urge you to go see them live.

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Band Members
Jordan Fairie, Philip van den Brandeler and Fernando Tovar
Artist Name
Voodoo Stripe
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Active Since
Alternative / Alternative Rock / Blues

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Guildford, UK

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