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San Antonio black metal horde Plutonian Shore originated in 2010 and has taken no prisoners since. The band incorporates elements of ritual and occult philosophy into its traditional black metal approach, and proudly falls under the banner of Texas black metal. Although the band cites influences varying from Rotting Christ to Dissection to Antaeus, Plutonian Shore’s voice is ultimately its own. The band has released three full-length albums, with 2015’s “Sphere of Geburah” showing a more feral side to the Plutonian Coven. Additionally, the band has participated in a variety of splits with bands such as A Transylvanian Funeral and Austin’s Humut Tabal.

In 2014, Plutonian Shore briefly disbanded and laid dormant for several months before rising in December 2014 as a phoenix from ashes. “Sphere of Geburah” was recorded in February 2015 and released by Pale Horse Recordings in August 2015. The band has played consistently around Texas and ventured out-of-state to Colorado in 2014 and is always seeking new stages to attack. M.C.D. – P., 8/2015.

Plutonian Shore Anno 2015 is:
Zvs – Vocals, guitars (2010-)
Prokingu – Bass, vocals (2012-)
Gorgon – Drums (2014-)

Noted former Coven Members:

Amethyst Moon – Keyboards, lyrics on all recordings as of 8/3/2015 (2010-2014)
Devastation – Drums (2010-2014)
Waar – Bass (2011-2012)
Grimm – Bass (2010-2011)

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Band Members
Zvs - Vocals & Guitar .Amethyst Moon - Keys. Devastation - Battery. Prokingu-Bass/vocals
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Plutonian Shore
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Metal / Black Metal

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San Antonio, TX

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