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My interest in contemporary music began with the first wave of Rock 'N' Roll that I believe has its roots in the blues. Life's experiences have made me strongly identify with the blues and its musicians. While the blues became one of my musical destinations, I have become infatuated with other styles of music. I sometimes feel that the greatest love songs in the world that I have heard are in the lyrics of country & western music. From my perspective it is not an easy decision to state my appreciation of music in absolute terms. The lyrics, melody and arrangement of a song can be so profoundly interpreted musically: that it can captivate my attention, regardless of its genre. My music appreciation in that context is very wide, which I hope explains why I am not especially anchored to any particular kind of music. In addition, I like to experiment with sounds, so improvisation is part of a creative process that I employ in my instrumental projects; but I am also a songwriter. Music technologies and the Internet have enabled the production of music in a home studio and its publication on the worldwide Web. I believe these developments have motivated self-expression and enabled people to share their artistry with anyone. Currently my motivation and focus is on creating music in any way that I am

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Race Knower Songwriter
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