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On his latest record, Michael On Fire sings “I will run like the wind / and I will fight like a bear / You can’t buy my heart / and you don’t own the air.” The verse goes a long way in characterizing his attitude and approach as a fiercely independent musical artist. His unique blend of creative resolve, defiance and non-conformity has led, or pushed, him away from the mainstream – of the music industry.

“I didn’t set out to operate outside the music industry,” said Michael, “I’ve just always been clear about who and what I am and what I do. I’ve always been fully committed to music and to being a musician, and I’ve tried to follow the voice of my heart and the path of my soul.

Michael On Fire has carved out an eclectic path as a musical artist, having traveled millions of miles playing original music, all over the country and the world, in every kind of environment. Along the way, he has attracted a loyal following that finds food for the soul in his words and music and his emotional expression.

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“ … One of the most powerful and personal performances I’ve ever seen. Michael On Fire lights a room and connects with something deep in the psyche in a way that makes you feel you have known the songs and ranged over the emotion of them your whole life. Almost his entire playlist clicked open a receptor that made it immediately recognizable. Over the decades I’ve seen big acts, major stars and impressive tours, but there is something about Michael On Fire that connects like no other. He is singularly peerless.”

“Michael On Fire has a sound and style that epitomizes all that is so good about the Americana genre … This is honest, rootsy music by a veteran artist who makes music on his own terms regardless of current fads and fancies – we celebrate artists like that, especially when the music is of such a uniformly high-quality.” – Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine

“Out of the darkness and void of a decimated music industry comes a singer-songwriter that lights the fires of peace, love and empathy for a World that is desperate for positive energy. Michael On Fire rekindles the passion and light in an art form that holds the heart, soul and voice of the people.” – Stewart Brennan, World United Music

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