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Lady Femmefatal, born Shiminga Niyumka Forney, is a female rapper, free lance model, and aspiring actress born April 17, 1984, and raised predominantly in Detroit, Michigan east 7 mile area. She spent one year in Denver, Colorado, due to her parents seperation and then moved back to Detroit, and later to Harperwoods, Mi where she finished her junior and senior years of high school. Lady Femmefatal has within her some important characteristics needed in an artist, she is diverse and versatile when it comes to her song writing, although she specializes in Hard Core rap. Lady Femmefatal says Hard Core rap is what she grew up on, it's all she knows, but she has no problem switching it up, as she has proven on several tracks. Fatal's number one goal as an artist is to bring the creativity, work ethnic, and lyricism back to rap. Fatal feels that rap has strayed away from being an art, no one appreciates the writing, brainstorming, and creativity that comes with being an artist, and that is because some artist have taken that away thus leaving an audience with low expectations!
Fatal has been writing and rapping since about 11 years old, and says she owe's that to her step-brother David Gogins, also known as Raw Num. He pretty much introduced her to the idea of rapping! Not only rapping but the idea of being an artist. She used to rap and write with him upon request when they were younger. Fatal saw his passion for it and what rapping was about all through him! She always loved writing poems and stories as a youngster, but he helped to take that to the next level. Femmefatal never in a million years thought it would be something that would develop into a true passion, and she never thought she would perform in front of an audience, and record in a studio either, because Fatal always considered herself somewhat shy, but she did despite that! Her passion and understanding for the art of rapping, and music in general grew from watching and learning from him, after he moved away, he encouraged her to keep writing and to begin producing tracks, and behold Lady Femmefatal! Though she had been writing for a while, in 2006 she finally got enough guts to go to the studio and start layin’ tracks. Not even a full year later Fatal was approached by promoters and other artist to perform in local clubs and bars.
Femmefatal is the youngest of three girls, mom and dad born and raised in Arkansas, then they later moved to Detroit to seek financial possibilities. She was raised by her mother mostly and though her dad was usually in and out of prison, she had a close bond with him, and considered herself a daddy's girl. Being raised in Detroit made her very aware of the street life. She doesn't claim to have struggled or lived the thug life, though her family was poor and had typical hardships of the time. Her mother made sure she wasn't exposed to what Detroit's streets had to offer. She was already the niece of Detroit's drug lords "THE CHAMBERS BROTHERS", whom at the time were grossing Chryslers yearly salary in one month, so her mom knew that drug life wasn't far from reach with uncles that ran the game, and a father whom was exposed to the street life as well, Fatal was bound to be a product of her environment, and had it not been for the close hands on her she could have easily fallen into that life.
Fatal's start in the music game was somewhat easy thanks to the help of Truth a.k.a Trufee, and John Blakk, she knew them for a while and they both invested beats, and studio time in her to get her started, with some helpful criticism, and occasional critiquing, Fatal was getting better and better with each session, and developing into a true artist. Fatal wants an audience that can handle versatility and realness, and do without labels. When someone ask, “hey what‘s Femmefatal’s style“? she want's the response to be, “she does it all“! Her ultimate goal is to be so diverse, different, and multi-talented so much so that she can’t be fit into one category or box! She doesn't want to be labeled as only hardcore, or sex kitten, or hip hop, or commercial, I should be known as all of the above and more!, says Fatal. One thing Fatal hates is when someone tells her to dumb her music down, or sex her music up! She isn't about selling out, and not being herself, Fatal feels there are enough sex kittens going around, but when someone wants to hear some real music then they can check her out! Lady Femmefatal is currently residing in Orlando, Fl, as of 2009, where she recently gave birth to her first child Vittorie Meyers, and met her childs father and Beau David Meyers. Since Vittories birth Fatal has put her music career on pause to focus on her family, but she feels its time to get back out there and continue her efforts towards stardom. She hopes to make a name in Orlando for herself, and hopes to someday be known and recognized for her music locally and worldwide. Lady Femmefatal hopes to someday be a respectable household name, where children and adults everywhere will recognize her from songs, albums, videos, movies, tours, and much more. Show your support for Lady Femmefatal now, because she is the next major female artist on her way to Hollywood!

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Lady Femmefatal
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