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Calling out to all people who like original rocking revolutionary protest social change music that walks the walk that it talks.

Most of our debut album is listed for free but if you want us to buy strings for a new CD and hold that cute puppy in your hand just let us know. We want to sell this CD because it makes it all happen. And helps make more happen.

Get our scathing debut CD of 10 great songs http://cdbaby.com/cd/haymarket

Charles and Jenna Haymarket keep changing their names from time to time to keep from being too famous. You know them and love them already, and if you don't, come on. Why wait? Their debut album HAYMARKET ORPHANS one of the coolest indie music releases ever. And more to come.

Positive social change happens slowly. It's not just an ideal of the 1960's. In the1880's working people died for the 8 hour day. Five anarchists were hanged by a murderous legal system that uses the very same tactics and hate speech, but substitutes "Muslim" or "Terrorist" for "Anarchist".

One of the Haymarket Martyrs, Albert Parsons, had two children; Al Junior was 8 and Lulu was 6 when they were forced to see their father hanged. Where do you go with such anger? What to say or do in a world that's been union bashed, civil and human rights denied, red baited, world warred, nuclear bomb scared, Cointelpro'd, Watergated, Vietnamed, wiretapped, consumer distracted, downsized, outsourced, Sept 11th lied to, Iraq War lied to, Gitmo'd and Abu Ghraibed, spied on, stalked, and facing endless debt, spiritual decline, and a trashed Earth?

Charles and Jenna Haymarket wander the Earth as orphans singing songs of protest. They keep changing their names to keep from getting famous. This isn't our parents’ era, and this isn't their folk music. Hear us speak. Speak out yourself! We all live slighted lives as heirs to an unfinished legacy that demands peace and justice. We are all Haymarket Orphans.

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Haymarket Orphans
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Alternative / rock/folk / power protest

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San Francisco, CA