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Anthony Lamar Williams Jr. Commonly known as "Oddy The GXD(God, X stands for Power And Wisdom)" is an unknown inspiration to those who know who this being is. Born on April 24th, 1989 on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, Oddy was raised in an everyday struggle against society. Mom and dad separated, his mom worked hard to give Oddy and his siblings a good life. But when reality strikes Oddy, that's when he found himself.

Music became apart of Oddy's life at the age of six. After six more years he started making beats. Oddy basically learned everything on his own time, at the age of 13 he knew music was his destiny. At 16-17 he started recording his songs in the studio. Then performed at his first show at the former peabodys in downtown Cleveland. As the years went by, Oddy learn how life can give you everything you've ever wanted, then turn around and take it away just as fast as life gave it to you.

Oddy went through a lot of unnecessary episodes of neglect, heartbreaks, betrayal, insecurities, having no solid support system, which lead him into long term depressions and overthinking problems. But instead of using the abundance of dark energy for destruction, he channeled it into his music, which in due time rejuvenated him for the better. Then the story begins.

Oddy The GXD's music is based on a reflection of the pain and grief he went thru during his uprising. He is an perfect example of a strong individual who can against all odds, conquer the worst of the worst. His music will impact millions of fans who will forever be glorified by the wordplay, delivery, drive, and innovation he brings to the table. "I believe i will be one of the greatest of our time."- Oddy The GXD

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