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Originally from Birmingham, Alabama.... Moved to Orlando for 12 years or so, then headed out to Las Vegas for 3, now back in Orlando as of September '09, then back to Vegas is 2012. No real music background, other than a love for music of all types. I have a few guitars that i don't play, I just play with. On my own since I was 15, I got lots of s#!+ to write about. Some are happy, some are sad and some just say "I don't give a fu**"

My writings are influenced by my personal life experiences... From being an only child in a divorced family, to moving around ALOT, to being on my own from a very early age, to run in's with the law, to having a son (then losing him), to going through a divorce, to finding "true love" and walking away from it, to starting all over again (twice).

So, from early on in life, I found myself through music, humor and a tough exterior... In other words, I love music, cherish friends and loved ones, I am funny as hell to be around, but don't fu** with me.

My songs don't all fit in any one particular genre of music. It all depends on what I feel for that particular story. Could be hip hop, rock, blues, country or whatever.

So, why the nickname "Rob Solo"??? That pretty much sums up how my life has been. Divorced parents, relationships gone bad, and in the end, the only person I could ever count on was myself. It hasn't always been an easy life, but I made it SOLO.

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