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"Tone Tha ChoirBoy" born as Tony Lamont Wilson Oct.2nd 1981 started singing at a very young age and from that point he knew he wanted to become an rnb artist. His mother Rose Wilson teacher and sunday school teacher had and still has a voice like "gold" he knew thats where he had to inherit his from. So of course he was going to church every sunday and he and his brothers went along they were all put into choir to sing but his brothers did it cause they had to Tony did it cause he loved to sing! So Tony continued to grow up and as he grew when he would be by his self he would sing but not around anyone else see Tony was shy and even though he had this beautiful voice he didnt want other peole to hear him, but when he got in middle school everything changed. Tony joined the choir in middle school also and entered the talent show but because of a little mishap he didnt get to perform but he did get to audition he killed it! High school he was in advanced choir this is where Tony really began singing freely around others and his choir teacher always told him he had a unique voice. Senior solo was a must just like a final for any other subject he had to do it, he had to pass it he did it got an A++. See in Tony's mind he feels with all the basics he learned in choir and the impact just his voice added to all of the different choirs and groups he has sung in he will always be a "ChoirBoy"

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Tone" Tha ChoirBoy"
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Panama City, FL

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