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Cradle Duende is an inspiration to bring together the beautiful traditions of the past and renew the kinship between our neighbors, family, and friends. Cradle Duende is a combination of Kezmer and Flamenco to be coined ‘Klezmenco” with a new twist of latin, reggae, and ska influence to get people dancing when necessary. Ancient Nigun’s mixed with non-western rhythms combine for a unique performance that draws local communities together to celebrate life to it’s fullest.

There is said to be no single cradle of civilization, but several independent communities in existence at the same time. The Spanish word ‘Duende’ refers to a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. They promote cultural sustainability through Pedal Powered Bicycle performances with Rock the Bike. Cradle Duende brings the strength of deep cultural roots into the party atmosphere and exists to encourage others through music.

Please contact us at: morgank.n@gmail.com to discuss more details on how we can make a great event happen together.

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