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Born on May 22 1991, Irving Jean-Baptiste (I.R.V.) came into this world with music painted in his DNA. His mother, who possesses a beautiful singing voice herself, came from a very musical family from Haiti, with two brothers who both sang and played instruments. Irv's grandfather was a singer and professional saxophone player. Irv's father, born and raised in Haiti as well, came from a family of musicians and music listeners. Irving was born with perfect pitch and has been a pianist and a drummer since the age of 4. He picked up guitar at age 13, and eventually picked up a little bass and trumpet in high school. He's been rapping since he was 9 years old and producing since he was about 13. He writes from the heart, using a very aggressive and emotional delivery, and thought provoking metaphors and similes. His instrumentals have been described as versatile, which refers to his ability to create different genres of music, ranging anywhere from rock, to jazz, to RnB,and even some more orchestral compositions. With all these talents under his belt, he is certainly one to be watched closely.

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I.R.V. the Illest Rap Villain
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Hip Hop / R&B / Experimental

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Philadelphia, PA