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I play guitar because I love it - IT touches my soul - makes me happy - makes me sad - always saves me from the world.My style is emerging into something i hope is my own. I love my telecaster and love playing my Gretsch hollow body clean in an attempt to create atmosphere, texture and mood for each song idea. I like clean ringing chords and interesting progressions although sometimes it can be said with a one or 2 chord vamp ! love my Gretsch guitar and use it for all styles. I record on a primative Boss 8-track stand alone recorder because I dont have time to learn PC recording with the care of my mother taking up 24 hrs a day. She is my greatest influence in life. She suffered a massive stroke in 2005 and is cared for by my brother and I at home 24 hrs a day. There is no one in this world stronger or more filled with love. Against all odds she survives each day and shares more love than can be imagined. Guitar is my means of survival and pleasure. I hope people like some of the things I do on it. I love all styles and appreciate all musicians. If you play one chord and play a couple of notes against it just the right way it is beautiful like my mother is beautiful!

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