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In late 2009, an 18-year old Riff Wizard uploaded some tracks to the internet that caught the attention of a number of independent labels. After recruiting a vocalist, drummer and bassist to make his project a real life band, Groan agreed to release their first album, "The Sleeping Wizard", in October 2010 on Doomanoid Records. Very quickly the album (recorded and produced by the band themselves) received overwhelming critical praise.

"Doom diehards will absolutely love this album's dedication to walloping, great riffs" - Kerrang!

"Awesome, mind-expanding riffs so spaced out they're practically aliens" - Terrorizer

"This is what all 'Stoner Rock' is meant to be... 10/10" - Doommantia

"In so many ways it kicks more ass than most of the albums that have been released by established time served bands... Groan are keeping the riff alive and well and giving us what Cathedral have failed to do over the last two albums" - The Sleeping Shaman

In the nine months after the album was released, the band played live all over the country, smoked the GDP of a small African nation, wrote off a brand new Ferrari California, decorated their rehearsal room with gifts from hookers, split up and re-formed in a day, and received death threats before vocalist Mazz and drummer Thor's Hammer decided to quit the band.

Groan have released a split EP with Finnish doom rockers Vinum Sabbatum (recorded before the band's 50% drop in population) on Doomanoid Records.

"Groan take 70’s rock and give it a modern kick in the nuts" - The Sleeping Shaman

"[Groan] are also one of the very best at delivering killer tunes that never leave your memory and these 2 tracks are pure golden nuggets of heavy, groove-based doom-rock... 9/10" - Doommantia

"I'm very happy that Groan are from the UK, and must query as to why I have yet to see them at Bloodstock" - The Number of the Blog

"From the sounds of it, the [Groan] boys had a little too much fun the day before recording [the split]" - The Soda Shop

With Mazz back in the band and Chris West (Trippy Wicked, Stubb) on drums, Groan have recently completed their second album (Titled "The Divine Right of Kings"), to be released on October 26th 2012 on Soulseller Records.

"There's a sense of groove and swagger to every one of the 10 tracks on offer: a real party album" - Terrorizer

"I’m telling you, this album is the shit. The Divine Right of Kings is a lot like some of the best weed" - The Soda Shop

"Reminiscent of Cathedral at their most unabashedly rocking... Groan can't help but be a good time... infectious and fist-pumpingly dopey... [The Divine Right of Kings is] an easy record to be excited about and I can’t think of a reason not to be. Recommended." - The Obelisk

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Mazzereth - Vocals, Dan Wainwright - Guitar, Leigh Jones - Bass, Chris West - Drums
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Rock / Doom / Metal

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The four corners of Mercia, UK

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