Decapitate Hatred was formed in 2010 with Pidekso Gentur Satriaji as guitarist, Andrian Pratama as drummer, and Betta Anugrah Wibawa as vocalist. Since then, we recorded two songs entitled “The New World Order” and “Majelis Kemunafikan”. Then, we knew that we don’t have any bass player in our formation, Amril Maulana who is our friend since high school filled the position. As the time goes by, we've tried to made a new color in our material and "Demon Possession" as the expression. It's a lot different with the first two songs because this is influenced by brutal death metal band such as Disgorge (US), Disavowed, Cerebral Effusion, etc. Shortly after “Demon Possession” released, Betta Anugrah Wibawa decide to sign off from the band because of some reasons. Since then, Pidekso Gentur Satriaji takes a double job as guitarist and vocalist.
In mid-2011, we’ve recorded five songs at K studio Bekasi with Amril Maulana now as a vocalist and no longer as a bassist. But after that, one of the pioneer, Andrian Pratama decide to quit from the band because of some reasons. So we took Angga Endar (Hitam Pudar) as a drummer. In the end of 2012, Brutal Infection Records began to know about the band’s existence and they had releasing our first EP album. In early 2013, Amril Maulana quit from the band and Ferlando Sutanto (Gorging) now filled the vocal position.

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Jipang - Guitar, Amril - Vocal, Angga - Drum
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Metal / Brutal / Slamming

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Tangerang, ID
Adi Suprayitno