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After years of prolific song writing, producer Camden Chamberlain disbanded Cavedoll in favor of starting a new project. As a sound engineer and the owner of Kitefishing Studios, Chamberlain has dabbled with many genres—including pop, rock, electro, and hip-hop—that he incorporates to create something truly unique with the Suicycles.

The band started in late 2010 and was originally composed of Chamberlain and Cavedoll drummer Van Christensen (the Vanimal.) From there Robert Roake (Black Rob), formerly of Sex on the Run and Fight Safe, joined the group to fill the lead guitar position. After a few shows and a season of their webisode, Life of a Suicycle, roommates and lovebirds Chris Cole (Creedo) and Kellie Penman (Kellazor Von Gorelust) were welcomed into the band on bass and keyboards. Their initiation into the band was featured on the season finale.

After firmly cementing the lineup, the band started formally playing gigs around Salt Lake and writing songs collaboratively. When in Cavedoll, front man Chamberlain did most of the composing; in contrast, each Suicycle band member contributes and everything released―including all music, videos and podcasts―is self produced. This collaborative process has enabled the Suicycles to compose and release two EPs, Four Psychotic Car Rides and Experiments in Being Awake, within a few weeks of each other.

Each EP is a testament to the band's ability to compose catchy lyrics and memorable melodies like singles “SL,UT” and “Speaking in Tongues,” which won X96’s "Xposed" five nights in a row. X96’s music director Corey O’Brien has said of the song and the Suicycle's music, “Speaking in Tongues' is a no brainer for me. With the right breaks, a song like this is the root of a band that could be as big in the 2010s as The Killers were in the 2000s. It deserves your attention."

Even though the band has only been together for less than a year, it has already reached several musical milestones: The Suicycles played the main stages at X96's Big Ass Show as well as Utah’s Gay Pride and Art Festivals, recruited over 4,000 fans on Facebook in just six months, and scored their own radio show on utahfm.org, Waiting for the Rapture with the Suicycles. However, their crowning achievement is the release of their first full-length album, titled Sex, Drugs and Death. It was well received by indie fans and local publications alike. City Weekly’s Gavin Sheehan said, “Seductively dirty at first glance, the album pulls you in with its own brand of alternative electronica and modern glam. Every track has it's own personality, like a walk down the Red Light District, a different dance on various tapestries. Lyrically treading a very thin line between obscene and obsessive, Sex, Drugs and Death begs you to make it your secret favorite album. Just once is not enough." Pick up your own copy and don't be scared to delve into the deep, lyrical, and irreverent analysis of Salt Lake subculture that is the Suicycle's latest album, Sex,Drugs and Death available at every show, iTunes, and all major music sites.

-Julianna Clay, Salt Lake City Weekly and Slug Magazine writer.

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Camden Ray, Vanimal, Black Rob, Kellazor Vonn Gorelust, Creedo
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The Suicycles
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