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Well, shut my Yankee mouth, cuz RNGF were an entirely different shitkicking beast. Taking cues from Steve Earle’s formidable hard-ass hillbilly vision, Redneck Girlfriend are a country band first and foremost, but they just play it so loud that it sounds like metal. Subject matter covers the moonshine swilling backporch gamut- boozin’ and losin’, girls and the guns you shoot ‘em with- and the pedal steel and slide guitar gets the same kinda workout unusually reserved for wah-wahs and cowbells. I’ve heard lots of bands attempt something like this, and fail miserably-Redneck Girlfriend, however, get it exactly right. Just like in rock and roll, the key to good country music is that you’ve got to play it like you mean it, and even though this ‘un was recorded in Seattle, I am absolutely convinced of every Honky Tonk lament on here. The Charlie Rich cover helps, too. If I had a Pabst Blue Ribbon, I’d be raising it high right about now. Since I don’t, a sincere “Yee-fuckin-haw!” is gonna have to do.

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