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Nestled in the underbrush of an overly saturated "entertainment landscape", Rand Berke resides among the stones and fermenting detritus, nurturing a celebratory belief in something more than the dark cynicism of our modern age.
Rand is a composer for the 21st Century - with themes capturing the vagaries and difficulties that characterize these troubled times. His songs bubble up from the deepest recesses of his roiling soul in the grand tradition of Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan; distinctively using and expanding the American music vocabulary. While applying many classic phrasings, his songs take some interesting musical detours.
Rand writes a diversity of songs ranging from soft reflections to thought provoking, soul rattlers. He sings with conviction. Stay tuned for the Rand Berke Show.

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Rand Berke
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Singer Songwriter / Modern Western Art Songs / Quirky Traditional

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Bend, OR
Do they still exist?

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