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The Mutineers play traditional folk, blues and old-time country music. With the necessary ingredients (guitar, mandolin, acoustic bass, banjo) the songs are adapted and arranged in ways that are at once traditional and unique. The songs are selected, arranged and sung by Stuart MacDonald, who has been collecting, learning and playing traditional folk music for a number of years. He also wrote several songs on "Coal Creek." Stuart is joined by Jeff Trippe, a multi-instrumentalist originally from the Southeastern U.S. where he performed with various bands over the years. Darren Finnegan plays bass guitar for The Mutineers. He is a well-known and respected musician from the greater Portland area.

Their first record 2005's "Where Mockingbirds Roam" is a collection of traditional songs drawing from the folk, blues and old time country music genres. These songs have been rearranged melodically and lyrically so that they are at once modern and faithful to the rich traditions that created them. Complete with a few guest musicians of note, this record is the sound of three musicians scratching through the old time sound to produce a collection of songs that reveal the wide and varied beauty of traditional folk music.

In 2008, The Mutineers released their 2nd album “Coal Creek.” This record is a mix of traditional and original songs ranging from a unique and soulful arrangement of “Barbara Allen” to contemporary pieces which deal frankly with the heartache of loss as well as the redemptions of love and family. Both albums are available online at Cdbaby.com, amazon.com, iTunes or locally at Bullmoose Record Stores.

The Mutineers’ third recorded project, Drover’s Bones, is officially due out on October 5th, 2011, when the trio will host a CD-release
party at One Longfellow Square in Portland.
Band members Stuart MacDonald, Jeff Trippe, and Darren Finnegan are thrilled about this latest effort, which is by any measure an
extremely eclectic album, with songs ranging from bare-bones acoustic numbers to amplified, full-band takes on traditional songs such as
“Buffalo Skinners,” an old cowboy song popularized by Woody Guthrie, and “How Long Blues,” a longtime blues standard.
However, the real stamp on this record is the quality and tone of original songs by MacDonald and Trippe. The two have collaborated
here on the stirring “Vagabond Girl” as well as the contemporary gospel piece, “Take Another Step.” MacDonald’s “Stephens Green” kicks off
the record in fine fashion, and a bluegrass instrumental by Trippe, “OPC (Other People’s Chickens)” serves to push this project into overdrive
several tracks in. Other original songs include MacDonald’s “Walking Alone,” an homage to the dispossessed and downhearted, and Trippe’s
“Maiden’s Cliff,” which is a retelling of the legend of a young girl’s tragic death in Maine’s lake country.
Finnegan provides plenty of bottom end across the board, and he is spelled on one tune by guest artist Leonard Krill.
This project shows an acute sense of the importance of the proven formats in American folk music, but it is clear that these boys are
also willing to listen to their own creative instincts as they seem to take flight in a new direction with virtually every cut. Drover’s Bones may ride
upon the shoulders of the likes of Guthrie, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and even the Dillards, but it certainly stands on its own as well. It is a
cohesive work, tightly played and sung, which deserves to be listened to as a whole by those who love both traditional music and contemporary
Besides Krill, guest artists include Bob Colwell, Kevin Midgley, Jay Conway, Greg Hoover, Alex Mills, and Alan Bean. The record was
recorded and mixed at Baked Beans Recording and mastered by Busted Barn.

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