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Vigalanty was born in Miami,FL. He fell in love with music during his adolescent years from there on he integrated music into his life. He is an ambitious artist setting a goal that he will one day be world-renowed. His talent surpasses most unsigned artists. His flow & the sound of his voice have been compared to influential mogels in the Hip-Hop industry but despite this comparison, Vigalanty has his own unique combination of style that will tempt an individual not to ignore him but will lead one to listen to his music. His persona includes a combo of R&B, Hip-Hop, Mainstream, Rap & Rock. Including unique combos of Techno, House & Dance music. His music is on the verge of creating a new genre. His lyrics are inspirational; dealing with the reality of everything from family, politics & futuristic club music. Vigalanty has always been know to place God first in his life. His philosophy is "Everything is a test, these tests come with struggles. Achieving something without a struggle is not worth having because an individual has to earn what they achieve." His music is what helped him recover from the death of his brother in Sept 2003. He took all the pain that he suffered & put it into words hoping that someday these words would be shared with others. He wants to give people hope & inspiration to see themselves out of any situation. Vigalanty's goal is to come up with something new for the listener while makin his set of prints in the music industry. When asked how long he wanted to pursue music, he replied "My mind and my mouth are powerful tools; I see myself making music for eternity". Music sets him free & will always be a part of his life. Vigalanty is what the industry needs & what the world has been waiting for!

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