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I started out with my musical desires when my mother taught me a general C scale on the piano when I was about 8 years old. From that point, I basically taught myself by ear. I went with what sounded right, and to this day that's how I write my music. I'm not proficient at reading notes, but I follow my ear that leads to my heart and soul.
In middle school, I had a substitute teacher named Mr. Noyes. I played piano for him and a small group of classmates one day and he told me that I should write words to my music. I gave his words some thought.
During my later middle school years, I played in marching band, learning to play many instruments such as flute, clarinet, marimba, xylophone, saxophone, and a bit of drumming. Of course, I also played the keyboard as I stood at the front line in many performances. I mostly played by ear, but I tried to read basic notes. Still, I had to improvise in my own way and style.
In my young teen years, my grandfather passed away, and I was inspired to write a song in dedication to him. I called it "Life Without You". To this day, I continue to write music inspired by emotions and the people around me.
My "singing name", Candelina, emerged when a hispanic co-worker of mine couldn't remember or pronounce my name, so he said it with his own twist. He called me Candelina, and since then, I kept it. Thank you Rafael for such a beautiful spanish-like feminine name.
I met another shy person in high school, a boy by the name of Kenny Cable. He and I became instant friends and shared the love of music, so I shared my music ideas with him. When he started recording and editing my music, he and I took off together with it.
There is much more to share, but I only have limited space to share it. <3 Hope you enjoy what you hear. ~Candelina

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