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“Phonographic Arts will be helping Kung Fu Necktie celebrate its 4-year anniversary tonight! Headlining the evening are post/pop-punkers Vintage Kicks. The local five-piece has been bringing audiences to a frenzy with razor-sharp guitars and the impassioned vocals of lead singer Alex Marlys. The band is a Deli fave, and will also be the featured artist at PhilaMOCA on September 25 for our final Tuesday Tune-Out. They’ll be sharing this evening’s celebratory bill with fellow Philly rockers The Chelsea Kills, Alabama’s Daikaiju, and South Jersey’s The Flyswatters. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - Alexis V.”

“Vintage Kicks Bringing the Bad News at Underground Arts July 22--The Vintage Kicks’ name conjures up cheerful, gritty, throwback jams, but ever since the release of their debut King Geek, it’s a name that only describes part of their repertoire. They’ve honed their talent for making “all over the place” work for them: At their core, the Kicks play garage-inflected pop punk that sounds like it’s being played on a storm-cloudy day. Razor-sharp guitars do battle with icy synths, and Alex Marlys’ ragged holler takes their trappings even further into more agitated territory. They’re equally handy at all ends of the pop/surf/post-punk spectrum, and have an unwavering commitment to geek-rock homage, as on April’s release Math + Science. They recently share with us a new track, “Bad News Broski,” a perfect storm of snotty-earnest lyrics and rollicking, dark surf-punk riffs, not to mention an errant Reservoir Dogs quote thrown in for good measure. They’re joined at Under”

“Vintage Kicks release new single for “Bad News Broski" (Playing Level Room)-- Philly pop-punk five-piece Vintage Kicks just released its latest digital single, “Bad News Broski” – a synth-driven rocker you first heard as a live recording in its recent Key Studio Session. The music was recorded in the band’s home studio, and as the Kicks describe it, “The song is about the band’s ideology and how artistic or intellectual pursuit can damage relationships. The lyrics sneak in references to Devo, Nirvana, and Weezer.” You can download the track below, and catch Vintage Kicks in concert this Friday July 13 at The Level Room with Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen – who recently joined MxPx onstage at the Troc for a righteous rendition of “Punk Rock Girl.” Vintage Kicks, Joe Jack Talcum, The Bastards of Fate and Ugh God play The Level Room, 2102 E. Market St., Fri. July 13. Admission to the 21+ show is $10.”

“Five piece pop-punk group Vintage Kicks rocks out with an irreverent mix of regional pride and self-deprication that’s unique to the Philly area in general, South Jersey in specific. As boisterous as the handful of tracks recorded for their Key Studio Session were, I love how much they also felt honest and reflective: the bit in “Gimmie Gimmie” about the cost of a history degree versus a job as a waiter; the biting fun of the forthcoming single “Bad News Broski”; the righteous defeatism of “King Geek.” That last one is also the title track to their debut full length, a record whose jagged guitars and bouncing synths made it a favorite around The Key last year. It splits the difference between Devo and Blink-182, if you will, and the band as a live unit is tight and full of energy. Check out the tracks below, and catch Vintage Kicks in concert this Friday, June 29, at World Cafe Live.”

“If you have not heard the South Jersey based dance-rock/surf-punk band, Vintage Kicks, now is the time to get to it! The five guys put on an energetic show and their music is fun and lively. Check out their tunes here! Their music fits the band’s name and leaves you wanting more. I had the opportunity to get an exclusive with the members and know all their inns-and-outs. Chris Penny is the founder and leader of Vintage Kicks. His vision of a dance-rock/surf-punk musical super force has been the central idea behind Vintage Kicks (VK) since their forming. He plays guitar and sings backup. Chris enjoys cymatics and media theory. Alex Marlys, “King Geek,” is the grungy front man with an angry disposition. As lead singer and lyrics contributor of the VK, he has a bone-dry, sarcastic, and commanding voice with witty thought out lyrics that attract many-a-fan. Jeff Peiffer, “Doctor Bang,” is the keyboardist of the group.....”

“Vintage Kicks sing about everything from the 1 percent and Wall Street to surfing gnarly waves with a catchy, pop-punk infused chorus-verse-chorus formula overflowing with “hey, hey’s!” and “oh, uh-oh’s.” Slightly reminiscent of that ’90’s “What’s My Age Again?” trio, this Philly five-piece formed less than two years ago, but you’d never know it giving a listen to their seasoned-sounding 10-song EP, King Geek. Despite their youth, Vintage Kicks know when to pay respects to a fallen source of inspiration. As evidence, see their recently released YouTube video of the keyboard-heavy cover of late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch’s “I Don’t Know,” and dance to the revamped classic. -Gabrielle Chepurny”

“Vintage Kicks are someone I love to talk about and support. The Philadelphia-based surf-punk band has a sound comparable to that of Wavves, Washed Out among quite a few others. This year, we’ve hosted them at the University of Pennsylvania twice, and they absolutely brought down the house both times. If you’re from the great city of brotherly love, and you see these guys playing a show, we urge you to go out and see their show (and also tell us about it please!). They currently have a single full-length album out, titled King Geek and is available for FREE on their Band Camp. Although, they have also set up a Blogspotso that their fans (including us) are able to follow their progress on a new (currently untitled) EP, which is slated for a 2012 release. In fact, on the blog, just yesterday, they released a new track, “Even Out” along with an official music video for the song. The track is now also available on their Band Camp with ...(read on)”

“Vintage Kicks & Levee Drivers Welcome the Darkness at JB’s March 1 “Do you welcome the darkness?” is one of the lines in “Jetty Jump” off the album King Geek from Philly-based pop-punk outfit Vintage Kicks. Their music, at first listen, sounds heavy and somewhat cluttered as if there may be too much going on. However, the clutter isn’t a mess; it’s the result of the complexity of a bunch of pieces that are not half-hazardly thrown together. Rather, these segments are the building blocks created by the band’s influences. The edgy simplified garage-rock feel of the White Stripes meets easy groove of the Ventures and Weezer. Throw in raw emotional vocals of lead-singer Alex Marlys and a spacey neo-psychedelic touch, this group conjures up something that listeners can appreciate.”

“When I read the reviews of a band I was already sold on I was disappointed to find that this young outfit had already unwittingly managed to get two unfortunate stigmas attached to them. The first being a removed association with the bewildering indie freak-show Foster the People, and the other with the pseudo-genre, geek rock; both of which this band cannot be further from. It’s a shame to see such narrow minded individuals in apparent control of the distribution of the “Yays” and “Nays” in local music scenes. Although all of the reviews I read were good and eventually got to the main topic, the music, none of the reviews I read stated the obvious; Vintage Kicks is one of the few bands you can find that remembers that being in a band is supposed to be fun. That being in a band is where you let go of everything you’re forced to hold on to everywhere else. This is shown through their gritty vocals, audacious use of reverb, drum fills that lack all pretentions, and synth”

“The term "geek rock", at least to me, always conjured up images of sweater-vest wearing, bespectacled nerds bent over their guitars, offering nasal-y, lovesick anthems (see: Rivers Cuomo). It seems appropriate enough, since all geeks are naturally whine-y, nasal-y weaklings, who might be crushed under the weight of an electric guitar..Geeks in Philadelphia just wanna rock. Enter Vintage Kicks, a hard-hitting, punk-rock 5-some whose debut record King Geek (2011) offers the sort of bitter, volatile ragers that sound best blasted on full-volume, and make me want to smash shit every time i listen. Drawing on post- and garage punk (think: The Pixies, Hot Snakes, Murder City Devils) with a tinge of emo (Piebald, The Promise Ring) and references to "Judas," "Rick Ocasek" and "my senior thesis," Vintage Kicks make music that seems perfectly crafted for New York Times-reading rebels and Spring Fling at Pilam. Tunes like "Absolutely Crazy" ricochet with fiery angst, while "Jetty Jump" matches...”

“Today on Brain Office at 5pm ET we bring you Vintage Kicks. A cool name, and according to the many positive reviews on Reverbnation, the music is equally cool. These guys have only been around for a year and a half, and they’ve already got a long list of shows in the Philly area along with their first album King Geek. The album was just released and they have a big release show this Friday at Legendary Dobbs on South St. If you can’t wait that long, check out their Bandcamp page and get your own copy now. Better yet, tune in to brain Office today at 5pm and let us know what you think of the songs. Vote on everything we play with our thumbs up/down buttons on the player and on our Android/iPhone apps. This will help us determine how often you hear Vintage Kicks. Also, just in time for their release show, Vintage Kicks released a video on YouTube for their song Gimmie Gimmie. Check it out, then tune at 5pm!”

"One less "Gimme" than the 'Flag classic of the same name, but somehow rooted in that same frantic, basement punker-skunker paranoia that birthed those Cali-Cretins. Think snotty punk, but not so British and...well snotty. Lyrical sentiments I can get behind ("Gimme all your money so I can get a tattoo!"). I'm reminded of lots of bands here...not beause they have sonic similarity, but just because my mind wanders. Scholastic Deth because of the line about "Sixty Thousand Dollars and History Degree!" and back before AFI was the house band for fat goth teens, they had a song about wanting to get a mohawk, and Mommy and Daddy not letting them. We've all got things we want......." (read on)

“just the sound of this band’s name sounds cool, right? yeah. vintage kicks – it conjours up the promise of eternal youth and the oft reckless rawkingness that comes with being young and into music and into rock. when you put the band’s debut record on, the lovable and flammable king geek it more than delivers on the promise. vintage kicks have come to rock and leave it all on the table. kicks formed in the spring of 2010. the album was made by jeff bang on keyboards +, chris penny on guitar/strings, mark walter on drums and alex marlys on lead vocals. alex writes the lyrics. they have a bass player named tyler jo pass, but he didn’t play on the album. they’ve released a record for free that joe strummer would be proud of that you can download here. in it’s too short 28 minutes, vintage kicks pack a lot of music and sounds into its songs. from the first few seconds the band literally comes out screaming. read on- http://brucew.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/this-is-rock-phillys-vi”

"So if you took the frenetic dance (post-) punk of Q and not U, Les Savy Fav and The Blood Brothers and combined it with the weed and beach references of Wavves and maybe some Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah-ish parts, you'd get something like this. Such a fun album, sure to put a smile on your face. Unless you hate it. You might hate it." -Blackjaw, Org Summit

“For a debut album these guys surprised me and I fucking hate surprises. But thankfully this one was a great one… Slowly ease your mind and dream of Clap Your Hands and mash them up (like potatoes and butter) with some good ol’ surf punk and you get Vintage Kicks. King Geek takes you back to a time when music was actually good (not saying music now isn’t, but come on… Foster the People fuckin’ blows…). Despite having a few problems with some of their instrumentation choices, i overall loved this album. It’s worth a listen if you enjoy dancing with or with a friend. As for me I will be dancing solo! (insert creepy wink here). Listen to the title track “King Geek” below!”

“A few weeks ago I came across this "Philly via New Jersey outfit," as it reads on the band's Bandcamp from some website or another (forgive me, for I have forgotten the exact one). At first, because we refuse not to be visceral and analytic of the most basic premises, the "Kicks" part in Vintage Kicks immediately shot headway to "Pumped Up Kicks," a song so dogged in modern rock popularity that anything within it's idea peripheral forms to auto-assimilate. Lucky us, Vintage Kicks aren't Foster the People.The band's debut album King Geek, which you download in entirety for free off the aforementioned Bandcamp page, teeters on the thin blue line of casually friendly surf-rock (the band describes the sound on the page as "The Darker Side of Surf," after all). But the soft-play gimmick isn't terrifically overwhelming despite the succinct keyboard allusiveness on tracks like "Iron Fist." Call it a demographic of accessible punk for those who still yearn for discernible melody.”

“Thursday: With a sound that befits their name quite well, Vintage Kicks know how to rock the joint. The band, whose members come from Philadelphia and New Jersey, take on rock n’ roll as it’s been translated throughout generations. Rushing rhythms and crashing guitars might conjure images of punk rock at first, but closer listens reveal a love for the tautly-arranged music of today. After all, everything new becomes vintage eventually. 9 p.m., $8, w/ Grandy, Robots And Racecars & Explosion House,Trocadero Balcony, 1003 Arch St., 215-922-6888.”

“Well-aged Vintage Kicks at Tritone May 20. Tonight Tritone will host Philadelphia-by-way-of-Jersey retro-pop-punk posse Vintage Kicks. Those who cringe at the mention of pop-punk, fear not. This group is wise beyond its one year of existence. The Philly fivesome has created a seamless fusion of 60s pop-rock and post-punk/electronicore. Vintage Kicks play percussion-infused jangly rock and stitches it with a thread of punk attitude bringing on a ringing emotional edge. Alex Ebert meets Jesse Lacey in this fuzzed-out and harshly crooned rock ‘n’ roll - a well-aged pop-punk. Also joining them on the bill are Andrej the Giant, Midwest Skies, and Dot Square. Tritone, 1508 South St., Philadelphia, PA, 9pm, $7, 21+ - Jules Friedland”

“Last Saturday, Kung Fu Necktie hosted three local bands with three distinct styles. First up was Vintage Kicks, a Philly-by-way-of-Jersey band that plays catchy punk tunes with razor-wire guitars, vintage-emulation keyboards, and dance beats. The most immediately striking part of Vintage Kicks’ live show is the completely committed performance of singer Alex Marlys. Although he bears a passing resemblance to Ezra Koenig, he has none of that singer’s studied mannerisms or polite phrasing, aiming instead for an unhinged yowl that brings to mind a combination of The Rapture’s Luke Jenner and Violent Femmes’ Gordon Gano at his angriest. Like Gano, Marlys writes from the perspective of an angry outsider, using bone-dry sarcasm to attack his targets, and on “King Geek,” he rages, “The weak will be buried and the Geeks shall inherit the meek / And you’re weak!” There is something a little...”

“Philly Local Philes: Vintage Kicks’ “King Geek” With a name that practically leaps off of show flyers (which they’ve been featured on quite often lately), Vintage Kicks have made a formidable impression on Philly’s live scene since the fall. The five-piece knows how to rock the awkwardness and insecurities of pop-punk without coming off as cloying—which is no small feat. For instance, listen below to “King Geek”; singer Alex Marlys rhymes most lines with “geek,” a lyrical scheme that might easily backfire in lesser hands. But he pulls it off, grizzled voice and all. Vintage Kicks plays Saturday, January 15th, with Bridget And The Squares, Shotgun Bang!, and The Atomic Square at Tritone Bar; tickets for the 21+ show are $6.”

“Attia Taylor & Vintage Kicks Visit New Music Series at North Star Dec. 14 I know. All you’ll probably hear about in town today, and I’m sure for a while is that the Phillies signed Cliff Lee. ...But if you don’t give a shit or are just looking for a place to celebrate, head over to the North Star Bar for their New Music Series. You’ll find two young acts that have definitely been holding our interest for a bit now here at The Deli so we are excited that they’ll be sharing the same bill tonight. Looks like experimental indie pop darling Ms. Attia Taylor will be closing out the evening. We’ve been having a cerebral and aural love affair with Attia for a while now, and we’re really proud of all the wonderful press that she’s received this year. And I’m happy to see Vintage Kicks are immersing themselves more in the Philly music scene...Also check out the videos by our featured artists below. Enjoy! North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 8pm, $7, 21+ - H.M. Kauffman”

“The Philly via Jersey outfit Vintage Kicks seem to be somewhere in between post and pop punk with their loose yet hasty jams. They have catchy stop time choruses ala The Strokes and vocalist Alex Marlys sounds, at moments, eerily similar to Philly veteran Alec Ounsworth (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Flashy Python). He shows some teeth though with the raging, anthemic “King Geek”. They are a very new band (forming in May 2010), but already have an EP under their belt called The Empyre of the Sun and have been playing a slew of shows since coming together. Vintage Kicks’ newer songs display a band that is already maturing in their sound and starting to create charming rock songs that show plenty of promise. They will be opening a FREE show at Tritone tonight with Jersey horror punk band Whiskey Spider. Tritone, 1508 South St., 9pm, Free, 21+ - Adam G.”