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FlowOgraphy from www.loudmusiq.com I look back, it seems like a century, King-4 and D-Wood met in elementary. 2nd Grade.., Iowa Public Schools, you can say we was Iowa Public fools. Keylo Keys, one grade lower I report, met King-4 on the Basketball court. We hit middle school feelin a little bit flyer. Formed a player clique called "Every Girls Desire". Trapper keepers covered with EGD, we was thinkin bout girls, forget a GED. Then we hit high school thnkin we was to fly, we ain't go to high school, we just went to school high. Key and King-4, still was some hoopers, but by 16 Foe was runnin from the state troopers. On the Highway trash bags full of reggie, he ran from the cops like he was tryin to win the medley, Then high school was over, it went so fast, now we liven with our girlfriends and got no cash. D-Wood had a couple tricks up his sleeve, now they got 10,000 cd's wit the sleeves. Nothin but 40 ounces on the counter, and every now and then we would give girls the powder. They would leave mad, but be back in the hour, and then you hear moans from the shower. Skip house arrest, and a few more cases, typical hustlas ish, need big faces. Then they got spins on the local station, 15 in one day was the estimation. Now we walkin round in top form, made a lil name for the "Niggaz of the Corn". We started gettin warrants, we could see the storm, so we decided to pack up and go were it was warm, a couple years later the Lava Boiz were born. Continue reading by clicking this link http://www.loudmusiq.com/flow-ography.html

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Keylo Keys aka Key, King 4 Aka 4-Kiss, Wavey Davey, Aka Wavey Crocket
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Lava Boiz
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Hip Hop / Rap / Hardcore Rap

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Phoenix, AZ
David Chatwood

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