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Lace Cruz realname Ese Fisher was born january 10 1987 in Washington D.C. and raised in Alexandria VA during the late 80's 90's. During this time hip hop was at a pennical stage of progression. From the westcoast gangsta rap era to todays modern sound of pop hop (hip hop & pop) Lace has found himself in a lane of hip hop in which lyrics and presence made you an mc. Starting out with rappers like snoop dogg at the age of 6 he realized that music was special desprite the message it sent during the eastcoast vs westcoast fued back in the 90's. At the age of 11 Lace Cruz was put on to the likes of Jay-z, Biggie, The Lox and Big Pun. This inspired his lyrical sense " For me 1998 was one of the best years of hip hop lyricist got stronger by the dozen." Today he is focused on becoming a mc that he grow up and fell in love with. "keeping it real seems to be the trend that artist are going for nowadays. Which is great for music but when it comes to sales and downloads you gotta have material for both the underground and mainstream fans. Today younger artist are getting stronger and lace wants to add to that pack of talented artist that want to get hip hop back on at its pennical

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