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Well you have finally made it too my solo music page, welcome too the world of B-Loc. MY solo music is not for the light at heart or a weak stomach type tunes that you can relate to. Please forgive me I tend to write about real things that have happend in real life maybe my life your life ect. But Im not an ICP wannabee by anymeans, ICP is kool and all but a few things like I dont paint my face, Im not a closet jesus freak nothing sublimnal back up vox of any kind. It is all up in your face shit yet with a dash of reality for yo ass. So I really thank you all that have been a fan since MindWreck N TwistedFreak like my shit out there in the world earth. It really means alot to have the fans I have as well as my friends and fam. So if ya wanna know about B-LOC I have been a closet rapper but I can do it all from the drums to the mic. I have performed with Wicked Wayz, Mental Breakdown, The Order Of Elijah, The FOC, Demon Emcees, Joey Tha Goon, Mirror Image, Burnablocc, T-Rell, Young Mane, and much more.

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Bobby C. aka Killa-Klown aka MindWreck aka B.Loc
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Indie / Hip Hop/Metal/In your face type shit. / Underground Rip Hop,Metal & More.

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Topeka, KS
Hydro Marie