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Megan was born on May 4, 1986 to a small town in Providence, N.C. Unlike most singers, Megan never considered a career in music due to her lacking confidence. She instead spent her childhood year after year in dance recitals, only singing in the privacy of her own bedroom, and every once and a while in church.
As she came upon her teenage years, she began to desire the opportunity to sing more and more. Her youth Pastor, Wayne Crews, was the first person to ever strongly urge the pursuit of her singing. While on a mission trip in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Megan performed a solo with the youth choir for all the other churches participating. After the show Wayne pulled Megan aside and discussed his plans of helping her in music by taking her to a local recording studio when they got home. For the first time the thought of someone else believing in her more than she did her own self separated a silly dream from a possibility.
Less than 2 days after returning home from the mission trip Wayne was killed instantly in a four wheeling accident. Not only did Megan lose her passion for singing, but it became too difficult to even try. She stopped practicing and learning songs, and soon spent less and less time thinking about music. She instead put her heart back into dance.
After graduating from High School, Megan moved to Archdale to open a dance studio with her best-friend and long time dance partner. She had become confident in her skills as a dance instructor, and along with her partner had built a strong following of families whose children preferred them as dance teachers. Four years later Megan made the decision to close the dance studio due to the continual lack of profit. With a huge debt and an unsuccessful dream, she felt as if her life wasn’t going anywhere.
As bizarre as it may sound, it was karaoke that reminded Megan of the comfort music had once brought her. A random karaoke performance at a local restaurant gained the attention of many and quickly triggered the familiar happiness that singing had once provided.
It only took a couple months of singing karaoke, several hundred people to praise her talent, and the phone number of a local guitarist looking for a singer to encourage the advancement into the local music scene. Within weeks, she was at any open mic she could find. Determined to learn the ropes of what it took to perform music for a living, she had no idea what she was in store for.
With no experience, no professional training, no equipment, and the lack of funds to arrange for any of the three, she found herself yet again unsuccessful. She looked to some local musicians from the small town in which she came from for help. Week after week she went to the same open mics, and sang any and every time someone would give her a microphone. Local bands would invite her on stage whenever she attended their shows. And though it wasn’t victorious, she built up the courage to go to New Jersey to audition for American Idol after money was donated to her after a performance at a local open mic. She began to book dates with local musicians in the area and perform acoustic shows around town. But it was only a matter of time before Megan wanted something bigger. Her own band!
Two years and a whole new life later Megan has made her dream a reality. The Megan Doss Band has booked their first 6 shows and is in the studio recording their demo in hopes to introduce themselves to the triad. “If I could write a book on the heartache music has caused me, no one would understand why I have any desire to do this. But music is my soul mate. Sometimes we fight, and sometimes I don’t like the outcome, but it always finds a way of making it up to me. I wouldn’t take a single thing back I’ve done in my life, because it led me to this exact place. “

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