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Singer-songwriter, James LeBlanc was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana by his mother and father. James picked up the guitar at the mere age of three years old, inspired by his father, James Sr., who played guitar on a daily basis around the LeBlanc household. “My dad had guitars sitting everywhere around the house growing up. I guess you could say I had no other choice but pick up the guitar and learn how to do what he was doing. I wanted to be just like him.”

Throughout his teen years James started writing songs and playing in several bands. Accompanied by a few high school friends, James created the band ‘Invisible Nature’ and developed a heavy local following around the Louisiana region. In 1992 James and the band moved to Austin, TX to pursue their career together. After a short twelve-month stint in Austin, James got a phone call from his mother in Shreveport, telling him that his best friend, his father, had passed away. Without hesitation, James left the band in Austin and moved back home to Shreveport to take care of his mother. “When my dad passed away it changed everything for me. It took a while for me to pick up a guitar again but one day I realized that by playing guitar I could hear my dad again that’s when I started thinking about making a move”
Being influenced by eclectic musicians such as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Jimmy Page, In 2001 James decided to move to Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he gained the interest of the legendary Rick Hall and signed his first publishing deal to Fame Music. James spent his time traveling back and forth to Nashville to write. When he would return to Muscle Shoals he would stay in the studio and record everything that he had written while he was in Nashville. “I believe there is a reason for every song that you create and you must lay it down as soon as possible before the moment leaves you”. While at Fame James gathered cuts and single on such artists as Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Thompson Square, Gary Allan, Jason Aldean, Sara Evans, Martina McBride and Travis Tritt to name a few.
"My number one influence of all time would have to be the band U2. They're totally awesome. I love the sheer passion in their playing, singing and writing."
James’ songs are about the soulful truth of real life that always leaves you with the since of hope. James has two children (twins) Dylan LeBlanc and Lauren LeBlanc.


Learnin' How to Bend- Gary Allan
Relentless- Jason Aldean
Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde- Travis Tritt
My Kind of Crazy- Thompson Square
Hung Over Heart- Gary Allan
Yesterday's Rain- Gary Allan
You- Rascal Flatts
Where You Are- Rascal Flatts
When The Sand Runs Out- Rascal Flatts
I Remember- Kenny Chesney
Show Me The Way To Your Heart- Sara Evans
Make Me Believe- Martina McBride
Everywhere I Turn- Bryan White
Guess You Had To Be There- Chad Brock
Memorized- Rebecca Lynn Howard
Now I've Seen It All- Travis Tritt
But I Want To- Cyndi Thomson
Unbroken Ground- Gary Nichols
Good Thing Gone Bad- James Otto
I'm Not Who You Think I Am- Caitlin & Will

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