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Steven Squire swears he was staring out a window from the back of his mom’s car in Los Angeles, six years old, nothing happening at all, when from the rock ‘n roll radio station came some fine, fine music in the form of the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”. He couldn’t believe what he heard! It blew the dust off of everything and he had to move. His life as he knew it was saved by rock ‘n roll. And it was alright! Later he heard the Velvet Underground’s “Rock ‘n Roll” telling the same tale and was thrilled there was someone else out there too. “I love Lou Reed's narrative of the song with such matter of fact conviction. It really did happen that way for me too and I had felt isolated with these revelations before hearing his tune.” Steven then dove into his sister’s record collection and claimed one single to be his own. He wore the grooves out of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” all because of the sound. “About this time I was also watching Johnny Cash’s show on TV without blinking. I remember the voices of my family milling behind me mumbling, ’What's with the boy?’” Soon after, the first album he owned was the Rolling Stone’s “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll”. The revival was on.

Steven began writing his own songs as a teenager largely because he was a self-taught guitarist with little experience. He played his own mutated versions of some old blues his musical mentors played, but was either too impatient or unable to learn other songs. “I would never be hired into a cover band because I can’t play other artists songs well enough. I admire those who can pick off licks and chords with ease, but that’s not me. I always had to create something on my own to play so I could stay close to the feeling rock ’n roll music gave me. I guess I still play a form of mutated blues.”

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