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It was somewhere back in the dying days of hair metal that three young lads got together to try and write a bunch of funny songs and hopefully score some chicks. They pushed a lot of boundaries along the way. They named the band Smegma. They pre-dated the White Stripes on that whole “no bass player” idea (albeit without really any reason why). They lit drums on fire. They played shows in old age homes. They drove around in a dirty red van with green drippy letters on it.

They nearly made it big, barely missing opening for Spinal Tap and instead opening for a broken down version of Britny Fox. Yes, there were lots of missed opportunities. That offer to play on a cruise ship loaded with our demographic that was turned down because of scheduling conflicts. The Tonight Show appearances cancelled because of alleged fraud and misrepresentation. It was a comedy of errors for the band.

After much consternation they decided to part ways in the mid-90s. Some say it was because of a Yoko-Ono like bass player who swept the guitarist into her band; was it irony that a bass player disrupted a band that formed without any idea what a bass guitar was? Some say it was because the singer was too involved in his theatrical pursuits (shades of Styx, anyone?). Some say it was because their drummer was still hurting over being replaced by a drum machine during a brief spell.

Whatever the reason, they split. The singer would go on to various projects with either the guitarist or drummer, but never both together. The cast iron that was forged so long before had been… uncast.

The guitarist and the singer would form a band in late 2000 that would be the prologue to the first chapter of the epilogue subsequent to the end of the first book that predated the sequel. That band would be called Bender. However, due to intellectual property concerns they would be forced to change the name of the band, and… be it through creative genius or a lack of motivation to put any real effort into thinking of a different name, they would add a mysterious X to the end of their name. Did the X stand for 10? Did the X stand for pornographic? Did it just mark the spot? These mysteries have never been answered. What had been answered was the musical question: what do you get when you play really fast, write some great lyrical hooks, add a few harmonies and play screaming guitar solos - it is weird that the question had been answered as some would later say that it had never been asked. However, that answer was BenderX.

The band would go on to play some amazing shows, write songs that would be downloaded by millions, have tens of thousands of gallons of beer spit on them and spit back by them, define ways to fight terrorism domestically and generally just have an amazing amount of fun. In 2007, the band member that they loved but who moped with a sense of mopery that knew no bounds decided that the bands intense touring schedule (two shows a year) had grown to be too much. With a lot of sadness and a little snickering the singer and guitarist realized that they would have to find another drummer.

They faced a serious problem at this point as the singer now lived in New York and the guitarist lived in Boston. Okay - the problem was not the bitter rivalry between those two cities, despite what you might think, especially given the content of our music. The problem was what drummer in their right mind would want to step into the fulcrum that was the drum throne being pulled between 250 miles. At this point their minds drifted back to a simpler time, when things were fun and music was all about girls and no one would dare mope around. The answer became instantly apparent: where is that drummer from Smegma? The unfortunate answer to that answer - which really was a question and not an answer - was Los Angeles. Did they dare ask this blazing talent of a drummer if he would want to be part of a project with a ridiculous touring schedule (2 times a year) that was located on the other side of the country? With much trepidation they posed the question and much to their surprise, as long as we paid his airfare, he was in (too many drummer jokes that fit here).

With that, Scott Gleason (vocals, bass), Duncan Sutherland (guitar, vocals) and Mike Zimmerman (drums, buffoonery) were together again.

Please join us as we continue this magical journey. We’d love to have you along for the ride.

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Scott Gleason, Duncan Sutherland, Joe McLeish (and sometimes Mike Zimmerman)
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Pop / Punk / Metal

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Boston, MA