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Scott Maginity began writing songs on his acoustic Guitar in High School, they were nice little songs with quirky key changes and things of that nature that appealed to Scott. After playing in bands with othr people including his brother, Sean and some other high school buddies, Scott gave up on music until he heard the drum stylings of one Ryan Roosien, the two became fast friends and enlisted the help of another notorious guitar player to form a band. However there was no bass line. Scott remembering that he had a friend who was really really cool, called him and asked him to join the band. Of course, being a cool guy, his friend (named Clyde) said yes and bass lines were introduced into Scott's songs. After having all sorts really great band name ideas, the band settled on The Pilot Lights in the late summer of 2010, however after finding another band by the name of Pilot Light in Ireland, they changed the name to Big Lake. Then remembering how cool they were before they changed the name, they changed it back to The Pilot Lights. It was one of those really awesome band forming stories that probably will go down in musical history as THE new archetype of band forming stories. Oh yeah and in the middle of all this, they also found this guy, John, to play keyboards with them.

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J. Scott, Ry Guy, Clyde McBryde, John Mitchell
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The Pilot Lights
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Rock / Folk Rock / Alternative

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Grand Rapids, MI