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..... AWARDED "BEST LIVE VOCAL PERFOMANCE 2013" BY THE NASHVILLE ICOMA Awards Along with her six nominations as.Her songs are hitting Charts in ITALY...This Floridian singer-songwriter Catherine Sears is climb the ladder of success .She was born weighing just 3 lb 5 oz.. A miracle at birth, God surely had a plan for her. She was born with a song in her heart...how else would this young lady barely in her prime, have a catalog of over 300 written songs?

Music has always been in Catherine's life. Her father, her biggest inspiration in music, always was singing, playing guitar, or had the stereo playing. Her grandmother had a dream in her heart, and wrote songs when she was just in her teens. When Catherine reads those lyrics/songs, she feels the connection to her grandmother. She continues to write songs with her father and Grandmother from time to time.

Catherine was never afraid to get in front of the class, on stage, or at a family function. As early as the age of 6, she would sing a Reba or Loretta song without even knowing what the words meant, and if she didn’t remember all the words of the song, she’d make them up as she went along. She says, ”It is very funny when I think about it now”.

During Catherine’s teenage years Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw and Leann Womack were popular. She enjoyed and respected their music very much, but she had such an old musical soul, and she always searched for the old crackling records and 8-tracks, those vintage flea market finds were like new toys to her. She’d be working on the family farm with an old stereo system that was out in the barn blasting loud, as she took care of the horses she'd be singing along. She says, “Sad was the day when the old 8-track player didn’t work anymore". She still has those 8-tracks tucked away in the closet though.

When Catherine is not performing on stage, writing a song, or promoting her music, she is a licensed Therapeutic riding instructor. She teaches, and helps benefit, children with mental, physical and emotional disabilities. She uses her music, along with horses, to inspire and help the children.

Those around Catherine believe she has a great future ahead of her, based on her great writing skills, and her ability to pour her heart out on paper. She has a unique voice and style, and when she performs the crowd notices, and enjoys every minute. She performs at many charitable events, along with fairs, festivals, churches, fundraisers, hospitals, etc. People love her kind, sweet disposition, and the philosophy of life she speaks through her heartfelt vocals, and many become inspired by her songs.

Most of all, she uses her music to help change the world. She recalls when she was about 7 yrs old, a teacher told her she had a great philosophy. She had no idea what that meant, but she sure does now. The teacher was right. Making a difference for the better is her philosophy (and her "Let Fate Dance" canned food drive is a prime example).

Catherine has recently released her Nashville recorded debut CD "Lifes Amazing Ride". Her CD has been climbing worldwide charts, and receiving worldwide airplay. Her song “Let Fate Dance” has been in the top 30 of the IMN chart for 34 weeks, reaching as high as #4 to date. She has been #1 on her local Reverbnation chart for a year, and is in the top 100 on their National Chart.

You're going to be seeing and hearing a lot more of Catherine Sears and her music in the future. She says, "I feel the journey has just begun, and I am gonna lay it in Gods Hands, let fate dance, and see where this musical journey takes me“.

God Bless:}
Songs have a way of taking you through life's paces and that's what we write and sing about.
Songs about Life Love,God,Heartbreak,Healing and Humor.May you all be inspired some way through lyrics and song of Cateebob Angel7sears Music

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