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Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey but since an early age has lived in the city of Lancaster , PA. Heavily influenced by life and the golden age of Hiphop, J-Infinite makes music unafraid to be different than the mainstream. J-Infinite The Boiler Room Stranger is the resident heat maker for Boiler Room Productions. He shares his personal, unique vision on life by painting a clear picture through the use of true lyricism and his storytelling abilities. Beat making or rhyme saying, he covers all bases to share with you everything he is. In a music industry full of copycats and falsehood J-Infinite steps to the scene as one of the few true artists left in Hiphop music.

"Beatmaker / rhyme sayer / Boiler Room heat maker. I've loved Hiphop for as long as I can remember. I'm a purist and fan of REAL Hiphop music. I speak about what I know, what I see, and what I am. Music is my voice, it enables me to share my message with all who will hear it. Truth or Consequences is walking your own path and living without regrets. Making the right decisions in spite of the drama on the road around you. So do you, be different, be original, live life progressively and never look back." ~ J-Infinite

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