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(Now..that said..here is a little info about me and my music..)

Artist Bio

Neil was forced by his mother (yep..though he thanks her now) to take one year of guitar lessons at the age of seven. His guitar teacher Pete was a certified musical genius... though a Severe task master. Neil quickly learned the discipline of multi hour practice sessions as a survival instinct!

After completed his obligatory “year of fear” he decided to teach himself to play. Even after making an abysmal showing and receiving a “D-minus” in Music Theory 101 in High School he spent countless hours learning guitar, banjo and later piano (cutting many classes at the University of Connecticut so as to use the Steinway grand piano in the auditorium for practice) and managed to learn how to play by ear. ..and chord sheets as a memory prompt.

Neil, being far more confident than skilled, auditioned for his first restaurant gig only months after sitting down to learn piano. Playing “Greensleeves,” (which as a child he enjoyed playing the melody to using one finger) and was hired on the spot. Since he, at the time, had only one or two other songs on his song list he played variations of these songs for the entire 3 hour gig and by some miracle was very warmly received. This only made him more precocious than ever and there forward he was hired anywhere he auditioned.

Later, having played the finest restaurants and hotels in the northeast including the Mayflower Inn (Washington) and the Drake Hotel (Chicago) Neil has overcome a nearly pathological fear of “tech” and is recording music in his home studio. With 3 albums released in two years Neil is enjoying meeting fans and customers from all over the country and world.
He is currently teaching himself fiddle after inheriting a family heirloom Stainer violin from his Grandfather, an old barn dance player who, himself, had inherited the violin from his great uncle who was a classical composer and teacher in Germany!

Neil believes that wonderful gifts come from God and are to be shared. Much of his music proceeds go directly to his animal welfare organization AARF, for whom he is an administrator and which helps save adoptable pets from being euthanized merely for taking up space and resources at shelters.

Other interests of Neil’s include golf, laughing as frequently as possible quite often while golfing, flying airplanes and jumping out of them though only combining the latter two if there is another licensed pilot to take over the controls after he leaves the plane! He likes to invent things and can often be found in his mad scientist's lair for countless hours ..and by some miracle has not electrocuted himself yet.
Band Interests
Writing, arranging, recording and producing enjoyable music for individual or commercial use and in so doing honoring and bringing glory to God who created music and everything else! To continue to grow even closer to our very loving Father by sharing in His joy of creating! \0/

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Neil Dawson- Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Piano, Arm Pit (sorry, couldn't resist:)
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Neil Dawson
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Holiday / Instrumental / Easy Listening

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Kaufman, TX
Contact me. I will make you famous...or "famous-er" :)

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