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Luciar is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter combining jazz cabaret and baroque to create a melodramatic cacophony of sound. She'll entertain you on the piano or her tiny ukulele while playing along with her iPad, Constantine. Her voice has been likened to the cooing tones of Tori Amos and her music to the devilry of Tom Waits.

Her newest release, Feeling A Little Emo, just hit iTunes & Amazon stores on October 2nd, after her jam-packed CD release party at Caffe Vivaldi in NYC. “Deadly Precious” combines the carnival-esque with the macabre, while “What I Want” presents a musical striptease, intermingling coy desire with mischief. With “Up” and “Feeling A Little Emo,” Luciar candidly sings of her struggles with fibromyalgia.

Luciar spent much of 2011 performing in cities around the country, including Los Angeles, Austin and Philadelphia. She's currently spreading the word of her works through radio and on the blogosphere as she readies herself to be a first-time mom.

"I fully believe that music is my native language and everyone can understand it. I do it because it’s a wonderful way to release all of the emotion in the world – anxieties, insecurities, joy, love. I want to remind people to let it out. Let it all out."
[Excerpt from GoGirls Interview; February 2012]

Luciar's debut album "Rules of the Game," released in 2000 was warmly received and she soon found herself opening for Seal at Jones Beach Amphitheater backed by a band trio of drums, bass and guitars. "Rules of the Game" showcased her pop-rock and world music sensibilities. After some light touring, and notable accolades, (from Billboard Songwriting Contest and American Songwriting Contest, to name a few), she began her path as a solo artist.

In May 2006, she released "Skin," telling a story of a relationship lost and the journey to healing. "Skin" is a sparse arrangement of piano and voice, with occasional bouts of drums & bass. With this album, Luciar rediscovered her love for production and engineering. She setup her studio at home, recorded vocals and mixed the entire album.

Luciar is a musical moodster, you're never quite sure what she's going to do next...it makes you want to stick around to find out. Download your copy of Feeling A Little Emo today on Amazon or iTunes.

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Luciar sings, plays piano and occasional ukulele.
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