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At first glance, a band name like El El might be, well, confusing. But there’s method to this madness; each of El El’s members’ names contain not one, but two “L”s – vivacious vocalist Laura Luce, keyboard commander Luke Leidy and dominating drummer Dominic BiLLett. And as anyone who’s caught the elusive El El in action will tell you, the lucky listener gets a heck of a lot more than just 6 L’s.

When Dominic and Luke lock in, what ensues is a high-energy, ramshackle rock and roll sonic experience, complete with hoots, hollers, smiles and piano solos that tiptoe the line between mad musical science and classical composition. Combine that raucous foundation with Laura’s sweet and smart lyrics and sassy delivery, and El El takes you into a timeless vortex somewhere between the Roaring 20′s, a Chicago blues club and an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

The musicianship of these three artists is undeniable, unparalleled and, as a result, leads the listener on an unpredictable journey. We know you’ll be tapping your toes and raising you glass to El El. And best of all, Laura, Luke and Dominic are likely to raise their glasses in return. -Mike McMonagle, Fly Magazine

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Band Members
Laura Luce, Luke Leidy, Dom Billett
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El El
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Pop / Americana

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Lancaster, PA