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The latest of many marvels to come out of San Francisco, that inexhaustible source of bands that
insists on reproducing almost all the aspects of pop and rock from times past, answers to the name
of The Fresh & Onlys. The band, a project shared by Tim Cohen and Shayde Sartin, goes much
further than a simple revival taking a little from here and a little from there, sometimes from fifties
rock, or from elastic garage or from the immaculate pop of the Byrds. With a handful of self
edited singles and cassettes, a self titled debut from 2009, sophmore full length "Grey Eyed Girls"
from 2010 and the EP "August in my Mind" the Californians newest release “Play It Strange” , is
an incredible record of cheerful pop that can sound like R.E.M at times and the Cramps at

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shayde sartin, tim cohen, kyle gibson, wymond miles
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the fresh & onlys
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san francisco, CA