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What is a song? A miserable little pile of secrets! TRASH DEN TIIIIIGGGGERRRRSSS. Is a band formed from a laser beam that was shot through space. Captured in a bottle by P.T Barnum 1854. He then shot it back into space. But. It was shot back to Earth again. And then it was 1947, Roswell incident. Laser Beam escaped ERR: Nano Decoder MALFCNTN. Reboot: PASSCODE ********>>>>ERR> SYSTEM LOCK>>>>>4iu3t p40y > OVRDE. ******** ACCESS GRANTED. Act 1 <i>The stage is set with instruments. A hushed crowed. We see movement on stage, dark daaaark shadowy figures. </i> A MAN in yellow approaches the microphone MAN: Hello, we are the Trash Den Tigers.

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Band Members
Sir Cuckulus,Dr. Pulse M.D., Krumm Tah-ping, R. Pean-T, Kelvin Celcius, Uncle Racchichio, Real Buff Kidd, Momat, Gamma Toad
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Trash Den Tigers
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Rock / funk / Punk

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Lake Grove, NY