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Money Baby, famous for screaming "AJStopSixMoniiBabii" at his shows and on his songs is an advocate, performing and recording artist residing in Fort Worth, TX. Born and raised in Fort Worth Money Baby returned home in 2008 from a 9 year college vacation in Houston, TX. Returning home would allow Money Baby to re-unite with longtime neighborhood friends and participate in the burgeoning Fort Worth urban music scene. With the rise of recent development in the city many venues had opened their door to the youthful talent of the city.
As a member of the 8 Seventeen Movement Money Baby worked with 8 Seventeen Productions executives, artists, DJ's, and producers to lay the foundation that would become 8 Seventeen Music. In 2009 8 Seventeen Music would release its first mix tape The Empire with fellow label Paper Chase Records. The compilation was well received in the city and region. The sole song Monii Babii was featured on” Fat Nappy” by Pooty8Seventeen, Monii Babii's childhood friend, was subsequently re-recorded and re-released as a single on 8 Seventeen's first album, 365, in 2010. Money Baby released a follow up single produced in collaboration with Aeolus Entertainment “Drop It Down Low” featuring Pooty8Seventeen and Atraxxx the tracks producer. But that single only garnered minor support from promoters and DJ’s while fans, especially the ladies, loved it.
On August 5, 2011 Money Baby released CHANGE his first ever complete solo project.CHANGE solidified Money Baby as a vocalist and a lyricist it also introduced him a leader speaking on issues that affect us all globally.
Money Baby plans to pick up the torch for the city and make music that is relevant to the situations that we are faced with locally and globally, giving listener’s best practices on how to dodge obstacles by eliminating them with positive energy. This message is personified by the saying Money Baby lives by and self describes as, “a prayer to the All Father”, “Everyday a Holiday All Thanks" With booming new production from some of the hottest producers in the world in his opinion and yours soon Money Baby is prepared to release his fourth solo release “Breakfast-N-Bed III. “Breakfast-N-Bed III” will be a collision of freedom, justice, and celebration. Money Baby has created his own lane and is making a BRIDGE into modern society for digital tourist to see the Home of The West and the largest natural gas producing city in the world and the economic, environmental and social effects on its population.
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Money Baby
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D.J. StopSix

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